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Hi, Hello, Welcome!!

I'm Izzy Archer,

Izzieats is my very own passion-on-a-page filled with an outlet for you to explore, read, and partake. From lifestyle and food to becoming a new PA-C. Explore my blog and all that I have to offer—perhaps my words will also spark excitement in your life. So, sit back, relax and read on. Cheers!

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I graduated from The University of Texas (Hook 'em Horns!!!) in 2018. During my time there I had really no clue as to what I wanted to do career-wise. I knew I loved science and was decent at studying with the layout that, college itself, presented. Not that it didn't take a lot of work, but more that, I was good at putting work into it (trust me, I'm not the smarty pants thats just soaks up material, I have to see it about 7 times and then be whacked in the head with it, then I'll get a good grasp). Anyways, with no direction in sight, I stumbled my way into an advisor's office and she said the words that continue to change my life today (totally not trying to be cliche, but seriously, still impactful today). "Have you thought about being a PA, you really remind me of the physician assistant that I see?" No, of course, I hadn't thought about being a PA, what even is a PA?? Well, through some research and asking around, I learned that PAs have medical autonomy, see their own patients, can switch specialties, and only go to more schooling for 2-3 years. I then realized that YES! I do want to be a PA, this seemed like the best 'I want to be a career woman and still do something really science-y and cool and get to change my mind along the way.'


And that's just what I did. I moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, and graduated from NOVA Southeastern University's PA Program in 2022 and passed my boards 12 days later. I embarked on the job hunt (which let me say is not all rainbows and butterflies that it may seem, more on that later) and found myself in a pretty cool, beautiful, new outpatient Internal Medicine office! 

Career aside, I love living life and try to make everything fun whenever feasible (so pretty much all the time)! Im a HUGE fan of dance parties and singing (poorly) in the car. I love food and love eating out even more. When not working or eating you can find me being a wrapped in a blanket with a good book or packing a bag and heading out on a weekend trip. 

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