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New Years Resolutions:

So it is January 1st of 2023 and I expect big things from this year: But first let us cap on 2022 so we know what we are ending off with:

- I graduated from PA school (honestly, one of the hardest things I've done)

- I moved in with my long-distance boyfriend to an amazing Townhouse in Dallas, TX (Bishop arts area for those of you who know the area)

- I started a job I was terrified of: Being an Internal Medicine Physician Assistant

- I picked up new hobbies: Pickle ball, tennis, getting back into reading for fun, Blogging

- I started a workout routine

- I spent more time with my family

- I became more confident and happy in my own skin!

While 2022 was a pretty spectacular year I expect 2023 to be even better - so here are some things I want to do in the new year

1. Read 75 books - (this is a little extensive, but I'm feeling bold). During PA school there was little to no time for fun reading - it was studying pretty much every second of every day. I forgot how much I enjoyed getting lost in a good book. So for all you book lovers out there, cheers, this one is for us

2. Work out 5 days per week - My boyfriend and I started this very cool, hipster (maybe even a little bit nerdy) gym near us called Movement. It's a rock climbing gym that offers fitness classes, yoga, a sauna, and of course, rock climbing (both belay and bouldering). We have been good with taking the Monday and Wednesday class but I slack on the Tuesday/ Thursday portion. My ultimate goal would be to continue with our normal Mon/Wed class and then add on running one day a week, yoga one day a week, and a long walk on the weekend

3. Do more medical research - Its hard to come home from work and make time for research, yet I do think it is imperative for my field

4. Drink 64 oz of water a day - yes, I do expect a lot of bathroom breaks!

5. Read before bed, instead of being on my phone - Tik Tok, we need a break. It's not you, it's me.

6. Finish the Townhouse To Do list - yes, that means hanging up the frames that have been in the garage since July.

7. Be a better partner

8. Be a better daughter/sister

9. Find a church - Religion is a hard topic for me (more on that another day). But I would like to find a church that aligns with my views (not sure one exists, but I am optimistic).

10. Be a better Blogger - I know I got myself into this mess, but I did it for the creative aspect. I genuinely feel like I have zero creative bones in my body (hence my picking a career based on science - all facts). However, I started this blog to push myself out of my comfort zone and into a creative, uncomfortable, fun adventure. I make excuses for how time-consuming it is - but in reality, I love doing it.

11. Eat a snack when I get home from a night full of alcohol - I have really come to realize, this is the true hangover killer.

12. Stop doubting myself - Goodbye imposter syndrome!!

13. Give people more compliments to strangers

14. Be more spontaneous

15. Always carry a snack to give to a homeless person

16. Use less plastic/create less waste

17. Join a neighborhood community

18. Do more things on my own - I am an extrovert and never need alone time. Yet, eating at a restaurant by myself makes me want to die from the inside out. Let's try to change that.

19. Stretch more

20. Excel in my career, while also living my life!!

Do any resolutions align with yours? Cheers!!

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