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PA licensing in the state of TX

First off, if you're applying for a PA license in the state of Texas.... I'm sorry. This was such a process. However, a dear friend (Shoutout Rachel Truong) gave me a step-by-step instruction sheet. For those of you who are applying and have no idea where to start, I hope this helps!

(Whoever created this, THANK YOU & THANK YOU Rachel Truong for sending it to me)

I will say - if you have a job lined up or get one before you are fully licensed, ask them to cover some of the prices cause this can get pricey!!! I was very diligent in the PA licensing process and from start to finish it took me about 2 months to recieve!

Send in your application!

Make a “My TMB” (Texas medical board) account!

Get fingerprinted!

  • Instructions will be sent by email after application is processed (at the bottom of the “Texas Physician Assistant Board – Screen Initial Message” email in small text)

  • Sign up at (you’ll need your TMB ID)

  • Can be live-scanned or done by mail (live-scanned appears to be faster)

Take the JP (jurisprudence) exam!

  • Accessed through your “My TMB” account

  • Study materials available but cost money. Alternatively… (Actually, this quizlet wasn’t the best. I’ll look for a better one. The purchased study materials were good and the practice exams had many if not most of the actual exam questions.)

  • 34 bucks per attempt, minimum passing score is 75, unlimited attempts

Gather them supporting materials!

  • Copy of birth certificate or passport

  • Form D/Dean’s Certification (download from website, fill out top and sign bottom and affix photo of self, send to Dr. Hames, also send Dr. Hames a physical official transcript, have him follow the instructions on the form and send it back in a sealed envelope WITH seal or signature of PA school official on the outside, send unopened to the Texas Physician Assistant Board)

  • Address to send Official Transcript to: 325 Cherry Ave., McKenzie, TN 38201 (Address for Dr. Hames)

  • Form L (download from website, fill out top, send to Scates to fill out the rest, then either have him send it directly, or have him send it back with his signature on the outside then send unopened to Texas Physician Assistant Board)

  • NPDB self eval (go to and fill out self-eval, then print out the result and send it to Texas Physician Assistant Board)

  • NCCPA exam attempts (after pissing your PANCE, print out form from website, fill out, send to NCCPA)

  • Proof you’ve been in PA school (per Mrs. Laux, this is probably covered by our transcript, which Bethel is supposed to include with Form D; per Mrs. Smith, also probably covered by the letter from Mrs. Lewis)


  • Once EVERYTHING is done, and approved by your Licensure Analyst, you will either A) get a temp license, if you requested one, or B) wait until your official license is issued

  • Licenses are issued roughly once per month (see for deadlines for each month)

Where to send things:

  • Mailing address:

  • Texas Physician Assistant Board

  • PRC, MC-240

  • P.O. Box 2029

  • Austin, TX 78768-2029

  • Fax: 1-888-790-0621 (NOT for form D)

  • Email: (NOT for form D)

Other stuff:

But wait, there’s more!

After getting a license:

Bonus Round: DEA License

Step 1: PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program):

  • After getting your Texas license, you’ll receive an email from “”. Follow the link (WITHIN 72 HOURS) provided in the email to update your PMP password. There are then several online forms to fill out, however, you will need your DEA number (more on that later). You can get back to this website later by logging in at

Step 2: TMB Supervision/Prescriptive Delegation

  • Go to to login to TMB

  • Click on “Prescriptive Delegation”, then “Accept the Usage Terms”, then “New Supervision/Delegation”

  • Fill out the form (note: you will need the supervising physician’s license number, “hours”, and practice address)

Step 4: Register with the DEA

Other notes to ward off confusion:

  • The DPS Controlled Substance Registration Certificate is mentioned in a few resources, but is no longer required as of 2016 for Texas

  • Lots of old resources say you have to call or email the DEA to get a form. Not the case. It’s actually required to do it online now.

Now, wait it out! You're about to be a real working adult.. EXCITING!!!