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Telluride, CO: The Do's

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

"All the prosperity in Telluride prompted a local booster club to coin the slogan, "Telluride, The Town Without a Bellyache," advertising to the world that no one wants for anything in this prosperous mountain town." - Telluride Science Research Center

My first time in Telluride, CO was more than I was expecting. Let me preface this by saying I am in no way a cool mountain, hiker girl. I have every intention of being one but the truth is out of the bag, I'm just not. I like my vacation being a relaxation experience rather than work. That being said- transitioning from being a beach lover to a mountain goer was a little more of a struggle than I was expecting, however, the reward for the struggle was high.

I highly recommend staying in Mountain Village and taking the gondola to the town of Telluride. The reason is that you get to experience the Mountain Village shops and restaurants which I don't think you would take advantage of as much being in Telluride's main town. In addition, Mountain Village is only a 20 ming gondola ride to the main town, and in my opinion, that gondola ride is one of the best parts of the trip; The views, the scenery, everything about it is immaculate. It doesn't hurt that it is also free and open from 6 am-12 am, so really easy to utilize.

What to pack

From my experience, these are items that would have been hard to live without on this trip that I think are essential for your enjoyment.

  • Saline Nasal Spray - your nose gets so dry and crusty. It was difficult to sleep without this. Those of you who get nosebleeds, you'll thank me later.

  • LuluLemon Belt Bag - This is great for your walks, hikes, and Pro Tip: you'll fit in with the mountain people! This doesn't really have to be a brand name, but those are in style so *clickbait*. Grab your Lululemon Belt Bag here:

  • Water Bottle - WATER, WATER, WATER. You should never be more hydrated than on your trip to Telluride. You need to drink water in order to prevent altitude sickness! I'd recommend starting your hydration one day before your arrival. So drink on and bring your own water bottle to be a little more earth-friendly (:

  • Chapstick- Similar to the nasal spray, moisturize your lips and carry on!

  • Comfy walking shoes- that can progress to trail hiking - Hoka Clifton 8's have been my saving grace for all my walking/running/trial walking needs. Pro Tip: these have also been amazing for all my clinical rotations but more of that in my Clinical Rotation post found here: -- My pride and joy Clifton 8's found here:

  • Layers - Going to Telluride in Fall meant 2 things: the mornings and nights were cold and the afternoon was hot. Bring lots of layers! My favorite combo was biker shorts, a long sports bra, with a cropped high-neck long sleeve. This was the best for the weather changes and was still stylish and comfortable!

Must See's:

- Gondola Ride: I know I already hyped this up, but I am doing it again! Enjoy that Gondola, it has some of the best mountain views

- Telluride Stores: Every store is unique and has its own vibe. I recommend taking a whole afternoon to explore these stores (and get your steps in).

- Trails to do:

Jud Wiebe: - this is one for you more experienced hikers. It's straight uphill and definitely takes your breath away (due to the beauty and altitude change).

Bear Creek Trail: - To all you non-hikers (like myself) this is the hike for you. It's challenging enough to

give you a thrill and the reward is a warning. You hike up to a *spoiler alert* waterfall. It's beautiful and the perfect spot to stop and have a picnic.

Pro Tip: bring a sweatshirt for your picnic stop at the top of Bear Creek, it is a little chilly when the wind pushes some water drops on you!

To Eat:

  • Rustico Ristorante: Located in Telluride Town this is a fancier Italian restaurant with the best bread and pasta you can ask for! Pro Tip: Order the Rigatoni Alla Grappa or Spaghetti Al Salto!

  • Last Dollar Saloon: This had Telluride's best rooftop! Their cocktails were top tier and the views were even better!

  • Brown Dog Pizza: This was the best environment for patio sitting and the inside bar was great for football watching! This had the best pizza I've ever had! Pro Tip: order the Detroit style 3-1-3 to have your world rocked!

  • Track's Smoothies: Start your morning off with their smoothies and take a walk around Mountain Village!

Maybe one day I'll be granola enough to become a part of this town's local residents. As for now, thank you Telluride for a great trip! See ya next time!

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