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The PA Job Hunt

Updated: Jan 18

Searching and finding a job was a lot more of a learning experience than expected: Learn from my mistakes and follow these steps to ease the stress and enjoy the experience! After all, you are looking for your first move in your CAREER. this is exciting!!!

  1. Create a spreadsheet like the picture above - I felt like using many different job-searching platforms got confusing and it was nice to put all the jobs on one site. That way if you get an interview you can easily search for that job in your list! (When you get into the application process you can get overwhelmed with how many jobs you apply to).

Here is a link to one I made you are not C0QrblPBpYH_O/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=107721403410170464422&rtpof=true&sd=true

How to use:

  • Copy the spreadsheet by clicking the square in the top left corner and paste it in your own google docs for editing (the link above is view only)

  • The Days remaining will populate from the date you put under "Date wanting to get job"

  • The Jobs applied to will populate based on the number of "Y" put under the applied to column - same with the "Heard from" and "interview"

  • You can change the name of any of the rows or columns once you copy it to your own spreadsheet!

  • Hope this helps you get organized!

2. I mainly used indeed for my job searching - I liked that they had the salary on the job post plus you can click on the company and read reviews of it + interview tips for that company

3. If you are not rushing to get a job - start by applying to only jobs you can see yourself working in or that you are ~passionate~ about

4. If you are stressed to get a job - then apply to any jobs that seem interesting or reasonable

5. Email a thank you after each interview! this is a given, but just a reminder (:

6. If you are applying to a niche specialty (like Dermatology) these can be competitive and selective. Therefore, I recommend you create a list of all of these offices if you area (hiring or not) and plan a route of ~10 offices a day that you can go to and personally hand your resume to the practice manager. That way they can put a face to the resume and you can charm them with your sparkling personality. I did get a few interviews this way!

7. I am currently working in a field I wasn't really planning on! But I fell in love with the staff, location, and office. SO end of the story is.. apply to a few places you are interested in - even if you weren't thinking of that specialty! You never know where you'll end up!!

8. Try to apply to around 2-5 jobs a day - keep searching all platforms (including google). Pick up the phone and reach out to hiring offices or recruiters. You never know where a connection will come from!

*** DO NOT accept your first offer without scanning the field first. Yes, it might be your dream field but you might have to compromise pay, freedom, or commute that you wouldn't have to do if you scan the field and see whatever opportunities you can get. It is likely your first job offer will be your worst.

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